Sugar Detox Day 12 of 21 ranhealthychef

Sugar Detox Day 12 of 21  ranhealthychef

The Chef That Ran Herself Healthy

Nearly to the two week mark! Twelve days down in this journey towards a life less controlled by sugar, in all its unnatural forms. I’m still happy I chose to eliminate the sugars from my diet as I was consuming enough to keep an entire Kindergarten class happy. I think Pepperidge Farms may be noticing a lack in sales since I started this!

I am leaning heavily on fruits to fill in for my evening snacks, maybe 100 calories worth of sweetness instead of the (likely) 800 or so I was inhaling in the form of Gingermen and Fig Newtons. By the way, I was absolutely shocked that a single Fig Newton – whole grain, mind you – contains fifty calories. Seriously, 50!! The stupid cookie I was eating with the idea that it was better for me than chocolate chip is just as aweful. Just goes to show how easy it is to ingest extra calories without even realizing. Labels are so important to good choices, yet so often neglected.

Another place that I was guilty of consuming too much sugar was in my morning yogurt. I love, love greek yogurt. Put fruit and granola in it and I’m in heaven. Sweetness, crunch, and the calcium I need all in a delicious little package. What more could you ask for? Not much apparently. That yummy healthy breakfast, when using flavored yogurt and store bought granola contains about 400 calories per serving and 27 grams of sugar. More than a croissant, more than a bagel with cream cheese. Shocked? Yeah, so was I.

It is so easy to think that you are eating healthy and making good food choices. I mean, you’re hungry all the time because you’re barely eating on your “diet” right? So many people follow this road and get frustrated because they aren’t seeing results. Which is understandable considering they are making the effort and feeling the consequences. This is why I feel that it is such a crucial step to log food on an online diary that calculates your calories as well as things such as sodium intake and sugar consumption.

There are tools available to help with weight loss. With more information we can make better choices. And if we don’t use the tools available, how can we blame anyone besides ourselves for our subsequent failures?

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