Are You Healthy?

Are You Healthy?

As I say hello to another year (my birthday was Feb 28) that God has blessed me with, I can’t help but be thankful and grateful. I believe that having an attitude of thanksgiving will open the door for many more blessing to come. Regardless of the situation you face at the time, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Just waking up is something to be thankful for. I recall a saying that my mom use to always say “Be grateful, because there is somebody somewhere a little worse than you”. That stuck with me and I find myself thinking about that statement a lot. When it just seems that nothing is going right in your life, think on that statement. If you don’t believe me just talk to some people and hear all that they’re going through, you’ll find yourself saying “Thank You Lord, it’s not as bad as it seems.”

My thankful heart comes from all I see in the hospital setting. If I could have people that are non-compliant with their medication for high blood pressure and diabetes walk in my shoes for a day and see what they’re really doing to themselves. I’m pretty sure they will have a different attitude. One problem can have a snow ball effect and cause more and more health issues. I don’t like to sound like a scratch record but IF YOU DON’T CARE OF YOU WHO WILL? Not just healthy physically but mentally too.

Being completely healthy in today’s time is pretty almost unheard of. Everybody has something health related that they’re dealing with. Have you ever looked at the word disease? What do you see in the word? DIS- EASE. There is a physical DIS-EASE, meaning that the body is in a state of uneasiness and or pain, a disruption of the natural bodily process and function. Think about it, when you feel healthy the body runs smoothly and all is well. Living with any type disease is not easy. Some people fight to live every day and I literally mean fight. They struggle to breath, move, and talk. Let’s take breathing for example. You don’t have to think to breath. What if all of a sudden, doing a workout you start gasping for air? We often take the small things for granted until there gone.That’s what I mean when I say some people have to fight to live.

I heart goes out to people and that have what society has labeled mental illness. Did you know that mental illness is not just depression, bipolar or schizophrenia? Mental illness can also be related to the body such as anorexia, bulimia. We know that these are eating disorders but to be considered mental illness is something to think about. Not wanting to eat because they think they’re fat or larger than what they really are is a disease called body dysmorphia.  Being healthy is not just a physical thing but involves having a having a sound mind as well.

I teach my students on the 21 Day Challenge not to compare their body with that of any one else. If there are things about your physical appearance you want to change, do it for you not to look like anyone else. Love your total body,  it’s the only one you have!

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