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This most informative section tells you, in general terms about cooling towers. Its contents include how cooling towers actually work. What types of cooling towers are there.Legal requirements for cooling tower construction function and siting. The importance of correct water treatment. See section heading “Water Treatment For Open Recirculating Systems”.How they should be designed and built.

Design And Installation

The section lists characteristics of materials to be used in construction of cooling towers and features important in design. There is also discussion about drainage of tower contents and correct use of drains.

Drift Eliminators

There is a legal requirement for the installation of these on cooling towers. Their function is to make changes in the directions of the airflow before exiting the system. Criteria for maximum drift loss figures are cited.


Correct location is important for health and safety reasons. The siting of these towers in relation to buildings, occupied areas, thoroughfare etc is controlled by legislation based on the relevant standards.

Commissioning of New Cooling Towers

This is another key procedure as without it an otherwise good water treatment program may fail. This has happened in the past with resulting outbreaks of Legionnaires disease so follow the protocol carefully.


Adequate maintenance is of course essential for prevention of Legionnaires Disease as well as keeping the system clean and in good order. The full description of the subject also emphasises the importance of having only fully trained and responsible personne doing it. It is also a legal requirement.


Here, inspection frequency and what is to be checked are listed. And most importantly all necessary details are given as to what constitutes an adequate inspection.

Maintenance Manuals and Records

Without a comprehensive maintenance manual that includes all equipment some items will be left out and the maintencance process will suffer. Accurate records must be kept as without them there is no firm evidence that will stand up in courst should there be any legal action for negligence. So Study these sections carefully.


In this section are detailed descriptions of what is to be included in a maintenance manual.


As well as equipment manuals a logbook must be kept detailing all work carried out on plant and equipment. Again this is also important for legal reasons.

All the information that needs to be recorded in order to have an adequate logbook is given.

Cooling Towers


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