4 Top Bodybuilding Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

4 Top Bodybuilding Supplements To Gain Muscle Mass

Are you disgusted with people staring at your lanky looking body after you mention that you workout constantly? Is it disheartening to admit that you have such meager results after killing yourself working out all week? Perhaps the reason could be that your not taking the correct bodybuilding supplements to accompany your diet? To reach the desired outcome you strive for it is important to understand how these 4 primary supplements work and what the true definition of a supplement really is. “Something added to complete, or make up for a deficiency, to strengthen a whole.”

Now, let’s take a look at your body as something that needs to be complete. To reach your muscle building goals and strengthen your body you need three components. You need a balanced training program, you need a thorough and proper nutrition plan, then, and only then, you can use a supplement program to complete the whole. If you are not training properly and if you aren’t following a good diet plan, the supplements are not going to do what they are meant to do. Now that it is understood how proper training and nutrition go hand in hand for the supplements to work, let’s move on.

What Supplements Do I Need?

Great question, let us suppose that a health supplements website such as Bodybuilding.com carries well over 10,000 different vitamins and bodybuilding products. The reason I reference them is because they are the most well known among bodybuilders and people who are serious about their health. The array of products would be too confusing to start out. That is why we are starting with the most basic supplements. These will get you noticeable results in the least amount of time. They are laid out below:

Multi Vitamins: They are perhaps the most underestimated vitamins supplements by most people. So, I will place them number one upon my top rated supplement list. If your looking to improve your body then a very large and varied amount of nutritional supplements is imperative. Your body would be unable to operate at peak performance levels if you were to overlook them. Just try surviving without them – You won’t be able to. There would be no notable gains in strength, stamina, or muscle size without including an all around multi-vitamin to your diet. Make sure you check out the quality and ingredient summary before ordering. Most strength trainers, runners and all around fitness fanatics use AST Multi Pro 32X. This is a good mix of mulit vitamin and minerals. They are the most popular brand, and I can also recommend them highly to you.

Whey Protein Powder: The very best way to get protein is from protein powder. It is the ultimate way to fast track your bodybuilding results, and it’s a more complete way to get protein than from food alone. Whey protein comes just from milk. Other great ways to get your protein is from eggs, meats, fish and fowl and other sources of dairy such as yogurt and cheese. However, not all of the these protein sources have these levels of (BCAA’s) which if you did not know, stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. Just one whey protein shake a day has the highest value of BCAA’s available and stands for about 35 grams of pure protein. Include a protein shake to your diet especially after a challenging workout, this will help your muscles recover in twice the amount of time. Another great thing about protein shakes is that they can be made in a flash and you can drink them anytime, anywhere.

Vitamin C: Why would I list this supplement when I already told you to take a multi-vitamin daily? It’s simple, you never can have too much vitamin C. Cardio workouts and weight training can wreak havoc on your body, Vitamin C can help you recover in half the time and it’s also great at controlling stress levels as well. Taking an extra 3 grams a day of Vitamin C is recommended by most personal trainers. A busy lifestyle needs all the immune boosting vitamin c you can get.

Creatine Monohydrate: It’s a known fact among bodybuilders that creatine has gotten a bad rap. Just bring up this super important supplement and someone will have something to say. They should know that at least 95% of creatine is found naturally in our muscles and is naturally generated by the liver, pancreas and our kidneys. Without creatine, our muscles would have no energy or power. The question is, if you are a bodybuilder and are looking for great results, can you afford not to supplement your diet with creatine?

Summing Up Here: There are a whole slew of great health supplements that can enhance your body, but for now it’s your best bet to make sure you are taking these 4 basic bodybuilding supplements. Just as a house needs a strong foundation, these supplements are the cornerstone to your success. They are necessary for preserving muscle gain, strength and long term stamina. Most of all they are great for your over all health and well being. Everyone reading this article should be taking them.

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