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Welcome to, the #1 resource for college students looking to stay healthy, get ripped, lose weight, or gain mass while on a budget. Register a FREE account and keep track of your training progress, as well as discuss what is and isn''t working for you and others.

We are Noah and Jake, two typical college guys who had a goal, accomplished it, and are now out to help other people achieve theirs. Together we have over 10 years of combined experience in the gym, and we are here to share our knowledge with everyone.

Our Mission is to provide, at no cost, a resource to college students who are on a budget, so that they can achieve the body of their dreams. We don''t care if your dream is to be ripped with low body fat, toned with nice abs, or an absolute monster, we will do our best to give you the advice you need to get there. We will provide the resources needed to drop a few pounds, gain a few pounds, or just show you how to live a healthier life. We will provide exercise tips, exercise videos, and complete work out videos, as well as work out plans that can work for anybody, even on a budget as we are. We will also do our best to provide nutrition tips for those on a budget (food is expensive and we understand that!). We will do our best to provide the college student with absolutely everything necessary to make their body exactly what they want, and we will do so at NO cost to you, ever!

Please enjoy the site, and don''t hesitate to email us. Please keep in mind, we are not personal trainers nor nutritionists, just avid gym rats looking to help others.

Noah and Jake