How to Achieve the Body Shape You Want

How to Achieve the Body Shape You Want
As a general rule men are not overly criticized the way women are when it comes to the appearance of their bodies. Even in male targeted media such as magazines promoting men’s health there is often more attention focused on women than men. One reason for this is the typical stereotype of ‘men look as opposed to women are looked at’.

Studies more recently conducted have discovered a change in how men as well as women look at the male body. Female models have been used for years to advertise products such as lingerie and underwear. The result of this has often left normal women feeling highly inadequate and uncomfortable. Studies now show that men may have the same feelings as a result of the growing number of male models now used for the same purposes.

While studies show that placing such emphasis on muscular body types originated in the gay community this has also started happening more in the general populations over the last decade or so as well. Although many gay men stated that they felt pressure to be more like these male models others reported that they believed women did not put as much importance in how men looked physically.

How to get body shape

There are three basic shapes when it comes to a specific man’s body type. Each man will typically fall into one of these particular categories.

Ectomorph indicates that a man is tall and slender without much muscle build while endomorph indicates a more rounded shape with a larger waist. Mesomorph on the other hand is used to describe a man that is both muscular and athletic looking which is considered by many women to be the more attractive body type of the three.

In times past it was believed by many that a man’s personality had a lot to do with his body shape. Men who were classified as ectomorphs were thought to be quiet and shy like while those classified as endomorphs were considered jovial and mesomorphs were often full of themselves. While these generalizations may be true in some individuals there are also cases in which any of these personalities can be seen in any body type. For this reason body type is not always an accurate indicator of a man’s personality.

Many men are looking for ways to change their body shape more and more in today’s world. There are a variety of ways to do this with the best ways being to make changes in diet and exercise routines. In extreme cases however more and more men are choosing to make cosmetic changes to their physique as well. The most common of these changes are jaw enhancements, liposuction and pectoral implants.

If you are looking for a body shape that flaunts the slim look this can be achieved with steady exercise such as those that involve all groups of the muscles. Good examples of these exercises include running and swimming. The muscular look on the other hand requires targeting specific muscle groups alternately with repetitive exercises. Many men achieve this look through weight lifting as well as other activities that require performing the same action on a repetitive basis.